About Seabound

New ways of creating Jewelry

Julia, the founder of Seabound Jewelry is a Surfer & Freediver from Germany, who graduated as a Goldsmith and studied Product Design. 
Concerned about ecological destruction in her trade, she created her own way of making jewelry, based on ideas & materials which contribute to awareness, care and respect for nature.

In love with playing on the surface of the Sea, her happy place is lying underneath- diving deeper, which pictures this way of creating jewelry too.

It shall be nice & pretty, but materials, manufacturing and any effects on nature are counting equally. 
No harm for any luxury is truly necessary or acceptable if we really think about it, so it has to be as less harmful as somehow possible. 

She & the people supporting this brand are all Sea-bound, as the jewelry is too, precious gifts of the Ocean, combined with carefully chosen metals to fill up with satisfying, guilt-free joy. 

More about the principles in the sustainable section. 

Thanks for caring for our planet. 

Let’s protect, what we love and by that, care for our future generations, too.

#love #theocean