Helping Whales and Dolphins

Whales and dolphins belong into the wild. 

I guess, no Ocean lover has another opinion.
No matter, how educated and where we are coming from, deep inside of us, we have this knowledge and sense of things being right or wrong, I believe in that.

Unfortunately, for profit, under false information and misguided behavior, there are still whales and dolphins being captured in different parts of the world, to live a life in captivity.
Suffering several diseases, evolving unnatural and even aggressive behavior, these magnificent and unbelievable intelligent animals are held in tanks way too small for them,
just for the entertainment of humans. Unbelievable but true.

Did you know, that worst case, dolphins in captivity commit to suicide by actively stopping to breathe to end this?!? Unlike humans, for dolphins, every breath is made by choice for life, so this behavior shows the graveness of their suffer while "living" under such bad circumstances.

Fortunately, there are organizations which aren't getting tired to fight against these horrible practices, as well as against the gruel hunt after them in the first place. If you've ever seen "The Cove" or "Blackfish", you know, what I'm talking about and will be happy to read about the efforts of this great organization, which has already won a lot of victories when it comes to freeing whales and dolphins, as well as to changing laws to protect them, so they can be safe and together as families in their natural environment,
the Ocean.

A huge thanks to every customer who made this donation possible with their purchase of sustainable jewelry. Lots of Love to you.

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Please be aware, there are some sad making pictures on the website. To raise your voice against the cruelty, which is unfortunately still reality for the animals, you can sign several petitions here, here and more on the website below. Thanks for your support. 

10% for the Ocean!

The donations of last year went to the campaigns above, of the International Marine Mammal Projects, which is part of the non-profit Earth Island Institute, headquartered in Berkeley, California USA.