Breathe, my dear. 

Dare to. 

Rebirthing Breathwork

Come up and breathe again.

We're all shaken by the waves of life and their challenges sometimes and everyone of us has its individual things
to overcome, to heal, to break through, to let go of.
Rebirthing Breathwork was founded in the 70's of Leonard Orr ( more information on the International Rebirthing Breathwork webpage )
and for me personally, it was a massive breakthrough, every session an amazing journey through uncovered aspects of myself and a divine, inner guidance, which I only experienced before after months of intense Yogapractice and hours & hours of deep Meditation. 

This technique of intense, circulated breathing can help moving through old blockades, releasing old energy, emotions and more. The One on One Sessions are designed for people who want to discover and reconnect with the feeling of Oneness, which is always available to each and every one of us at any given moment, however you will personally experience it and for those who're ready to let go of that old stuff, which doesn't serve them any longer. 


In a Session of 2-3 hours we will first talk about personal obstacles, figure out the main responsible thoughts which might build the base of an old, destructive belief system and then go through a first cycle of safely guided, circulated breathing. 

Take away

You'll take home a personalized, simple tool, to work on this old belief system further, whenever you want to put in the effort to change old habits, thoughts and emotions about things & situations that re-appear in your life. Gaining a better understanding about this and being able to remember that actually and truly, behind our thoughts, All is well,
can be just some of the benefits from this special practice. 


Breathwork One on One Sessions 
Take time: 2-3 hours
Bring: Comfy Clothes
Recommended Sessions: 10
Costs per Session: 100€ *

*if you're somehow financially disadvantaged, please feel free to contact me 
and we'll surely find a solution. 


Please note that I'm not a Therapist, so if you feel that for your personal topics you need guidance from a professional Doctor, Therapist or Psychologist, this One on One Breathwork Sessions might not be the right thing for you. Let's have a chat before, to figure out, if we match together.