How to give back to the Sea

About restoring coastal ecosystems, Sustainable Surf 
and how you can easily do your part to help the Ocean to recover.


As you may know, I have a strong connection to the Ocean- 

and I’m pretty sure you feel the same way. 

Whether it be diving, swimming, surfing, walking along the waterfront… The Ocean calms down our minds, makes us happy, heals our wounds and soothes our souls. 

Sea water is full of healing energy, which we can profit from and therefore we should also give something back and do whatever we can, to protect these beautiful two thirds of our planet, which are covered with water.

Always remember, it is the planet, we ALL live on. So it is also our collective responsibility to take care for it. 


One really nice possibility to do so is planting Sea trees!  

It's an amazing project from the Nonprofit organization Sustainable Surf in California, which I support with donations of jewelry sales from Seabound Jewelry. 
Which Surfer doesn’t love the Sea? Thats why I appreciate it so much, that these guys are on the forefront to change the surf scene- by bringing us in contact with stuff like eco-friendly made Surfboards, products which support Ocean Positivity and their beautiful project Sea Trees. 

Why Sea trees?

Because mangrove (Sea) trees can be 5x more effective than a rainforest at removing carbon from the atmosphere!!! So they don’t only help the Ocean and its inhabitants, but the entire earth!

At the same time, planting mangroves helps to provide sustainable employment for villages in Indonesia, on Biak Island, where they are planted,
it helps, to protect the land from storm-surges and sea-level rise,

it creates critical habitat for threatened species and 

it sequesters carbon in one of the most efficient ways possible. 

Enough reasons to become active, right! 

And even for a small donation of just 10$ you can already plant 10 trees!!! 

You can also wipe out your carbon footprint, which I find amazing and did with one part of the donations from the jewelry sales of last season.

Or you help restore kelp forests, that also provides employment for local fisher-people and divers, creates critical habitat for 100s species and also sequesters carbon. 

They have also products that plant and other Ocean positive gifts, so there are lots of ways how you can give back to the Sea. 

The Ocean is giving us so much, that's why I love supporting this great organization and they have so many lovely options how to help the Sea.

Find this beautiful project and all informations following the link and start planting your own underwater forest today. 

Thank you for supporting Seabound Jewelry and other brands, which contribute to make this earth a better planet again, which our future generations can enjoy just as we could 
as kids. Spending endless days at the beach, covered in sand, laughter and full of joy.