Our daily consumption desicions shape the world, we live in.

Nature inspired and sustainable.

Seabound Jewelry is high quality, timeless jewelry design made with the intention of being as good for nature, as possible.

I prize manufacturing processes that are eco friendly & sustainable.

The use of sea glass (handpicked at beaches all over the world) instead of common gemstones, less toxins in the manufacture process and a silver exchange system with a casting company are the foundation of this jewelry line. 

The mining of common gemstones, gold and silver, causes deforestation, loss of the rainforests, toxification of the ground and water, and other negative effects. …hence the use of recycled silver, and found objects. 

Using fresh, organic lemons, for cleaning silver after oxidation is another nice tool to make it all more eco friendly. You can use this to freshen up your own jewelry at any time as well. How to- Article in the blog section soon.

I hope to share my vision of going new ways, aiming respect and protect our beautiful planet.

For any questions, feel free to contact me at any time.

“Sustainability is not a matter of choice, it’s taking the responsibility which we all have, to take care for the whole environment, not only for us humans. No nature, no “us” either, it is that simple.
We can always choose again, for a better option to respect the environment that we all live in.”