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Delivery Time 10 - 14 Business days

Partial Payment

Most Seabound Jewelry pieces are unique- only one time available. 

You like, what you see and definitely want to have it, but you aren't sure yet about your exact size or need a bit of time for your next paycheck to arrive?

No problem girl, I've got you covered. 
By choosing this pre-order option, you can reserve the product that you like and then pay the rest within two weeks. The shipping costs are already calculated on top of the pre-order, so you'll receive an extra invoice for your final jewelry order without shipping costs.

Available sizes can be found on the page of the product, so you can already have an idea, if it might be fitting.
Please note, partial payments are not refundable, all pre-orders are mandatory.
This is not the full price of the product, just a partial payment to make sure that you get, what you want.